Registering as a Carer

You may be a carer

A carer is someone who provides help or support to a partner, relative, child, friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help due to physical or mental illness, disability, frailty or addition. There are thousands of unpaid carers in Somerset.

Anyone can become a carer - children, parents, daughters, sons, spouses, partners and friends. Many people don't think of themselves as carers; they just look after someone close to them.

Caring often just happens to you, as you find that someone close to you gradually needs more help.


Support for you

Becoming a carer can feel isolating and it's often a struggle to get the information you need. 

A group meeting

When you are looking after someone, it's important to have some help and support for yourself, such as a break from caring. Your Local Authority (social services) will able to tell you how they can help and explain about Carers Assessments.

Somerset Carers is a local organisation that can provide you with information and advice on any aspect of caring and services that might be useful. They can put you in touch with other organisations that offer specialist support, for example about dementia, mental health problems or recovering from a stroke

Somerset Carers can also advise on any financial help you or the person you look after may be entitled to. There are also carer's groups that meet regularly to share practical ideas and friendship.


Meet our Carer's Champion

Carer's Champion - Hannah


Carer Information Prescription

Caring for someone can be very challenging as well as rewarding. To make sure you are getting all the help and support that you are entitled to. Follow the 7 steps below or call Somerset Carers on FREEPHONE 0800 31 68 600 or 01823 331 222

Look after your own health - Many GP Practices can offer carers a free seasonal influenza vaccination, flexible appointments, information and support. To join the carer register, ask for a carers indentification pack at reception or via our online registration form.

Get a plan in place for emergencies - The Carers Emergency Card is a card you carry in your purse/wallet that identifies you as a carer so that if you have an accident/emergency, the emergency services will know that the person you care for needs help. They will then put your personal emergency plan into place to care for that person and or provide up to 72 hours of care in their home.

You are entitled to a Carer Assessment by your Local Authority - This is an assessment of yours needs as a carer. An assessment can lead to practical support from the local authority to help you with your caring role. This could be someone to help the person you care for with washing, dressing, toileting or getting equipment to help you lift/move the person you care for. Furthermore, the assessment may also help you get support to have a break from your caring role.

Get the latest benefits advice - There are specific benefits and or reductions in payments that carers and people with disabilities or helath conditions are entitled to.

Find out what services and support is available locally - Contact your local Carers Support Centre for information, advice, practical and emotional support to carers in Somerset.

Talk to someone about how being a carer affects you - It is important to be aware of the affect that caring has on you and your own health. Talking about this can help in itself or be the first step to getting the support that you need.


Useful Information 

Carer Emergency Card

Bridgwater Carers Group

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